Isabel {a brunch date}

A few weekends ago, the boyfriend & I had a brunch date. We tried to go to the new Trader Vic's but they were closed (which was a real bummer since their website listed an extensive menu & specific hours). Instead we went to Isabels (which we had been dying to try anyways). & we're sure glad we did because it was beyond delicious! :)

{Don't be fooled by the ugly menus that are falling apart at the edges // everything printed on here looked delicious!}

{I love the indoor//outdoor table layout}

{The best brunch date ;)}

{Arnold Palmers & Bright orange decor}

{Egg whites scrambled with grilled chicken, cheese, green onion & tomatoes wrapped in flour tortillas served with black beans & salsa fresca}
{Roasted rosemary potatoes, scrambled eggs, sauteed tomatoes, onions & grilled rosemary bread}

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P.S. --- I've come to realize that FOOD is my most favorite thing in the world to take pictures of!! 


  1. aw this made me homesick :( Isabel brunches are an all time fav. we used to live three block from there!

  2. Yum! This makes me hungry for breakfast! I might just have to make it for dinner tonight...

  3. YUM! We have a restaurant in Ashland by the same lady's called Dragonfly, it's soooo good! If you are ever down here, definitely try it :)


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