Being a tourist in my own city.

One of my favorite bridges in town (& there are lots of bridges in this town) is the Broadway Bridge. It's very bright red & you can walk up a steep set of stairs to walk across the bridge to some incredible views of the city! This past Sunday Luke & I took a walk up the steep steps & I snapped a ton of pictures (what else is new, right?!)! Here was our view:

The Broadway Bridge:

Views from the bridge:

& walking on the wooden sidewalks beneath the Broadway Bridge, you have views of more bridges! :)
Isn't it gorgeous?!


I hope you enjoyed these views of my city! You can expect there to be more, too! :) Portland is just too gorgeous to not take pictures!


  1. This would be so pretty at night too!

    Great pics, lady. I might have to try this sometime.

  2. The Broadway bridge is truly stunning.. They've filmed a bunch of movies on it :) the pictures are beautiful

  3. these are such beautiful photos!! i love being a tourist in my own city too!! :)

  4. so all the pictures, amazing views....

  5. Such a pretty city. It's on my wish list of places to visit.

  6. Holls these photos are GREAT! One of my fav bridges too :) Our town is the BEST.

  7. These photos are gorgeous, looks like a fun place to hang out.


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