(more) 4th of July Weekend Pix

As promised (& in a timely manner, too!) are more pix of our fabulous, long, 4th of July weekend...
Sadly, there are no fireworks snaps... We go too sleepy after being out all day to stay & watch them on the waterfront. We did almost get hit by a million of them driving home through our neighborhood though :-/

My new favorite summer beer, on the rooftop patio.

Music on the iPhone...
Clearly these two are related...

Patriotic beer for the holiday weekend!
Fresh veggies, just waiting to be grilled!

I "tried" to light a fire in the fire pit, but failed :(
Camping in the backyard!
Luke, lounging in the living room of our new tent!
Backyard shots. Why not.

Ending the night with shots for Nate's Birthday!

I hope everyone else had as great of a long weekend as I did! :)


  1. I'm pretty sure drool just came out of my mouth. I wish holiday weekends lasted longer.. I miss the excuse to drink great beer and eat too much cake. boo.

  2. i want to camp in the backyard and my roommates think im ridiculous!! i think it'd be so fun! especially since i hate actual camping

  3. camping in the backyard?! you guys are too cute. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. Cute cute cute but where were you in those snaps lady?? Love the silly Luke & Jenny shots.

  5. Abs - I know, I'm hardly ever in any of my pix! I think people are intimidated of my camera & don't know how to use it :-/ oh wells!


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