Date Night @ Limo

Luke & I had a date night @ a new restaurant last week. It was kind of a belated celebration for my new job & just a fun night out for us! We went to Limo, a Peruvian restaurant (pronounced lee-mo) up in the NW neighborhood. The restaurant is an old NW house & the rooms of the house are converted into intimate dining areas.
In my efforts to branch out & try new cuisines, I must say that I am glad I did! We had a mixed seafood ceviche (which was to die for) a fried potato plate with a peruvian spiced sauce & a few entrees that were seasoned with special peruvian spices. Everything that we had was mouth watering & convinced us that we need to come back here again!

Have you ever tried Peruvian food? If not, I recommend you do now :)


  1. o fun! ive never had peruvian food but i would love to try it, looks tasty! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. I am SO stoked to try this Holly!! I LOVE peruvian food and I live in the NW neighborhood! Have you tried Del Inti on NE Alberta? It's my favorite peruvian food. Andina is good too, but Del Inti is the best. I'll have to see how Lima holds up! thank you!

  3. I've tried it once before and it was really good. This place looks yummy! I love when they convert a house into a restaurant. It has such a cool feel.

  4. Thanks for the follow! Looking forward to reading about your Portland adventures too!


  5. Ooo Sounds SUPER yummy! Love trying new things and loving them! :)


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