Weekend in the South: Part Two

Here is the final recap of our trip. I somehow managed to take 563 photos down to about 30 or so after these last two posts. Go me!

We woke up on Monday morning at the grammys house (on Kentucky Lake), said goodbye to his parents & his grammy & then started our two hour drive to Nashville. We saw a lot of flooding & then... a lot of nothing. We couldn't believe that the trip went by as fast as it did. We were sad to be heading to our final destination, but also super excited that the destination was going to be Nashville! :)

After a few hours in the country music car, we arrive in Nashville! Sadly, we only had three hours to spend in Nashville, so naturally we hit up as many bars as we could. We met up with Jenni's friend Tommy, who works works for Phil Vassar & had as many beers & shots of Jack that we could fit into those three short hours. 

After three hours in Nashville (at the bars, mind you) I was convinced that we needed to move there. It's a decent sized city & the country music was blasting out of every door you walk by! Why wouldn't I love that?! Seriously, Nashville was a fun city; we're planning a trip back soon & staying much longer! See, I even let the facebook world know:

NashVegas, I miss you already!

 p.s. I also knocked another item off of my 30 before 30 list! "Visit a new city each year"!


  1. GREAT photos! Always have wanted to go to Nashville but never been...

  2. Love nashie!! It is so fun! sounds and looks like you had a great time (:

  3. Your pictures are fabulous and make me want to visit Nashville even more!! The flooding is sooo sad!

    turn up the rad blog
    turn up the rad creative

  4. I love the pictures. looks like you guys had a lot of fun. =)

  5. The FB status is hilarious.
    I have only done a drive by in Nashville. I want to go back some time and stay for a while.


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