Weekend in the South: Part One

I know I am a little late to post these, but you try sifting through 563+ photos... :) It's gonna take a couple of blog posts to show you all, so keep checking back here! :) Here are some photos documenting the first part of our trip (from Nashville to Missouri). I hope you enjoy them:

Jenni & I met up at the Chicago airport & hopped on the same plane down to Nashville.  After a few hours on planes and a quick layover, we arrived in Nashville an hour later than we had planned. We got our rental car & ventured on over to Sikeston, MO; 4 hours later. (I'm glad that she was there with me, because otherwise it would've been a long & boring drive by myself.)

We had beers awaiting our arrival at a mini family reunion & after a long night we had to wake up early to set up for the wedding the next day....

I know that it's really hard to tell from the reception decorations, but it was in a dive bar (only in Sikeston, MO...). Luke, Jenni, myself & their parents tried as hard as we all could to transform that place! I think we can add something like "wedding reception design" to our resumes now... I only wish I would've taken a picture of the place before; total night and day. 

I still have more pictures to post from Kentucky & Nashville. Stay tuned and those should be up soon.  

I hope you enjoyed these, we all certainly had a lot of fun in all of them :)


  1. What a beautiful wedding!!

  2. The decorations were awesome. I looks like a fun day! I can't wait to see the rest. Nice camera work btw!!

  3. sounds like you had a great trip! thanks for sharing all the photos :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. What a fantastic wedding! The flowers and locations are beautiful!


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