Guest Post: Alissa from Rags to Stitches

Hi, my name is Alissa and I blog over at Rags to Stitches. I'm so excited to be guest posting over here at Little Miss Holls. Thanks for having me Holly! Hope you're enjoying your time in Missouri.

I live in Southern California and while I did not grow up here, I love to calling it my home. There are so many amazing things you can do, see and experience here. Being a mom of two little ones I really enjoy finding activities that they will love.

You can't live in California and not go to the beach. This is one of my favorite beaches to go to, Corona Del Mar Beach. I have to admit, I might be a little bit bias to this beach because my in-laws live not too far from here. I find that this beach doesn't get too busy, especially during the week and you can even have small bonfires down by the pier. I love staying to watch the sunsets, they are phenomenal! I have yet to see two that look a like. My kids love the sand and when they are not trying to eat it, we make sandcastles and run around.

On a hot day I love taking my kids to the Turtle Fountains at the Irvine Spectrum. Water springs up from the ground and out of the turtles mouths. I have so much fun watching my kids try and catch the water as it sprays out! Often times we will head to the mall, enjoy the fountains, and then grab some a bite to eat before heading home for nap time. I love how this mall is outdoors so you can enjoy the great weather while walking around and getting some exercise in. Oh, and I have to admit the shopping is pretty great too! This mall is home to one of my most favorite stores, Anthroplogie

Disneyland, everyone's home away from home. This is one of the single greatest attractions within 20 minutes from me. I have to admit that while my children love all the Disney movies, we don't have passes to Disneyland, but we do love to go if we are given the opportunity. It truly is a magical place!!! This adventure will take you an entire day, but if your kids will nap in the stroller, it's totally worth it to stay till the fireworks. Their fireworks are amazing!! 

Pretend City in Irvine is one of the best locations to take young children, if you have them. This entire museum is filled with toys that will allow your child to use their imagination to explore and learn what it's like to be a doctor, teacher, carpenter, policeman, fireman.... you name it, it's there! If I could have yearly passes for my family to anywhere in Southern California, it would be Pretend City. We could easily spend hours in there exploring each room. I promise your kids will sleep so good at bedtime!

Now I can't talk about great places to go in So California without talking about the mountains. I know you're going to think I'm totally crazy, but there is snow located two hours from my house. My house, where it never snows!! I love it and so do my kids. During the summer you can head up the mountain and spend a few days relaxing and skiing, jet skiing, tubing, and kayaking in the lake and during the winter you can go tubing, snowboarding, skiing and snow shoeing. Our family spends Christmas up in the mountains and let me tell you, it wouldn't be Christmas if there wasn't snow on the ground. Here are my kiddos enjoying some time in the snow.

I love traveling and exploring new places. In fact I grew up in Southeast Asia, but that's a whole other post. What are some of your favorite places to travel to?

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Thanks again!
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Thank you Alissa, you're so sweet to post for me while I am out in the Midwest/South part of the country. At this time right now I am probably driving from Missouri to Kentucky & trying to avoid most of the backroads that have been wiped out in the floods - exciting stuff :)


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