weekend scenes - part one: suite night at work

My title banner doesn't exactly match my blog, but I could care less, it's baseball colors! 

This past Saturday I had my suite night at the Mariners game. 
Each season we get one night where we can invite 20 people & enjoy a game. So, I gathered some family & friends & had one fun night that I wont soon forget!
We started our evening a bit early by meeting across the street at the Pyramid Ale House around 2pm for beers and a very late lunch... After a few hours & a few hundred dollars later I'm sure, we headed over to the ballpark to watch the game from our suite.

 The many pitchers of Apricot Ale....
LOVE having a brewery right across the street from the ballpark!
Cheers to good times in the beer garden
 A great group of friends & family... & we're missing over half of our group, too!
 Our view of the ballpark from our suite. Love seeing downtown in the background!
 Love me some cuzzy bear!
My wonderful sister & my awesome dad!
My Luke.
 Luke & Heather
 Coley & Connor. Connor is one of my best friends' sons. I think she was off grabbing a bite to eat, so she missed the photo... :(
 View from the suite.
More views from the suite...
My dad's boss & his hilarious family!
 Uncle T's beverage of choice.
 Playing around with my new camera lens at the bar.

We had such a great group of people in our suite & we had such a silly time, can't you tell?! 
I can't remember the last time that I laughed so hard the entire day & into the evening. 

I still have more photos from this past weekend that I'm going to share - but i didn't want this post too photo heavy. SO make sure to check back in the next day or so to see what else we were up to!


  1. That looks like so much fun!!! I guess working in the sports industry has its perks! Zac & I went to our first major league baseball game this month... well, it was my first! I loved the excitement of getting jumbo hotdog... but I thought they should have played more music, like they do during basketball games! It was still a ton of fun, however :o)

  2. How fun! I went to a Mariners game last year and it was great...just wish they'd win more! hehe (:

  3. I think I miss beer and baseball! There is just no equivalent where i live :(

  4. apricot ale!?!? um yes please :) sounds like you had a fantastic time! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. looks like you had a GREAT time! love the pics where you have 4 next to each other!!

  6. Apricot Ale, yes please. We just got some Dog Fish Head Aprihops.
    UM, that picture with the beer tab thing. Awesome!
    Starting to wish I worked for the MLB. My husband would love me forever... wait, he does.


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