Weekend w. the family & a Blog Re-design!

I've been getting tired of my blog design & decided to make some much needed changes for a more simplified & updated look. Thanks to Powered by Pastries for providing free layouts that you can customize, I came up with a design that I really like! & Pugly Pixel for the cute tape strips on my sidebar. Let me know what you all think!
-- -- --
On Sunday I spent the day with the fam in Gig Harbor. We went out to lunch, placed pennies on the train track, took the pup pup for a walk & just went about the town.  Oh & I took lots of photos! Just another normal day w. the fam... 


  1. Great photos & the design is wonderful :)


  2. gorgeous photos! I really must visit seattle (:

    LOve the new design!

  3. How fun! I like the design change.
    That mini Diana is precious. I did a painting of one and am working on another one in white for the shop.
    I will be going to Seattle, some day.

  4. The new design is beautiful and fun!!

    I would love to visit Seattle someday! Your pictures are beautiful. :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog today. Your hair is really beautiful. I love how it's a very beautiful red!

  5. very cute layout! love the pup!

  6. love your pics! the yorkie is too cute!

  7. love the design! I am in the process of doing mine as well thanks for suggesting those sites!
    xoxo em


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