I've been day-dreaming about...

(I know this is totally random)

Luke & I just bought our first tent together! 
We got a huge tent with a built-in screen porch thing & it was on sale, too!

We're so excited & we can't wait until the warmer weather makes its way over to the northwest! I grew up camping with my family, always going on week long camping trips around Oregon, Washington, California & Canada. And when I say always, it wouldn't be a stretch to say I've slept in a tent 100+ nights in my life!

I have such awesome memories of fun times with my family & all their friends that joined us. In college I went camping all the time as well, with my friends. The last few years have been kinda sad without it actually. I really miss the hiking adventures, camping food (s'mores included), campfires (dance parties around the campfire also included), story telling & silly games after lots of beers... you get the point, camping is the best! :)

I wish so much that I had pictures of all those fun time to share, but I don't. I'll have to settle with the weheartit pix:

who wouldn't want to wake up to this?
glowing tents
we totally did this in our middle school years
but we might have to settle for this until we come across some non-rainy weather...

Who else out there loves to go camping, too?


  1. "Bought your first tent together"... big step there holls! hehe. so cute. I love camping too! We should plan something when the weather gets nice :)

  2. how cute!! i hope you two get to go on lots of adventures together. i like the idea of camping but when it comes down to it both h and i are "camping in a hotel" with a shower, toliet, and a big comfy bed sort of people :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  3. I really want to try camping but I worry I'm too much of a girly girl!

  4. One of my favorite things about the Pacific Northwest is the amazing camping and outdoors.

    My fiance and I have found a lot of great camping spots in the high country of Arizona, which reminds me a lot of home.

    Congrats on your first tent together!


  5. I love that you started this post, we bought a tent together. It sounds very romantic and exciting! Just found your blog, very cute :)

  6. in missouri, people here go on float trips where you like tie tubes together and go floating down a river with friends and a cooler of beer haha! it's an all day adventure.. and at night you stay in tents/cabins hehe!!


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