For the love of Ireland

St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays. Mostly in part because my grandma loved Ireland & often spoke about her travels there & her family that immigrated over to New York from Ireland. Whenever I see anything Ireland, I always think of my grandma.

When I was younger she would show me photos of our family castle over there [although not in the family anymore, but at one point it was]. She said that one day she would take me to Ireland for a visit. Sadly we wont be able to; she passed away a few years ago. But because of her, my love for the family castle & for Ireland is still there & I hope to get the chance to visit someday!


How gorgeous is this castle? I can't wait to see it in person one of these days!

I hope eveyone has a great St. Patrick's Day today!


  1. So pretty! I would love to visit there one day!!

  2. Wow that is an amazing castle! I really hope you get to see it in person one day :) Happy St. Patty's Day!

  3. How wonderful! Your grandmother was such a sweet, soft-spoken lady. I loved visiting her. Where is this beautiful castle? Erin go Bragh!

  4. that's so awesome to have had that in your family :) You should totally go to Ireland & see it. That is just so cool :) It's beautiful :)

  5. When I was younger I used to tell my parents I'd move to Ireland, live in a castle and have a lot of goats. Don't ask me why I wanted goats. I just did.


  6. Incredible! I hope you get there someday! Hooray for our Irish heritage!

    Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig!

    turn up the rad

  7. Ireland is a beautiful country. My husband's wife married an Irishman and moved to a big house on a windy hill in the Irish countryside. We've been to visit many times, and it's lovely. So, soooo green! And the people are unbelievably friendly and charming.

    PS: I got your address from the Love & Envelopes Birthday Club... You're the closest birthday girl to me so far. Victoria isn't so far from Seattle! Have you ever been?


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