a day of love.

I really like this day, I don't know why but I do. I have never been that girl that is anti-Valentines day. Even when I was single I didn't mind this love-filled day. I am not an overly romantic person, but I do enjoy a good overdose of love from time to time. I've never felt the pressure to do something romantic & would never expect/demand anything in return on this day. Instead, I've just always thought of Valentines Day as a day to do something fun with the one you love. And if you're single, just do something fun with the friends you love! See, love love love!
We tend to be rather private with our lovely feelings & that's the way we like to keep it. It's something special that only him & I share. I'm not a "share-every-annoying-detail-on-facebook-and-twitter-kind-of-girl"... but in honor of it being Valentines Day, this is my free pass to be all lovey-dovey today! One day, people! Plus, I wont get to see Luke today [darn long-distance relationship] so I wanted to share all my favorite pictures of the two of us:

can you tell that we like to make silly faces... :)
So there it is, my overload of love!
Happy Valentines Day, everyone!
(i'm a very lucky girl :)


  1. awww you two are so sweet! i hope you had a fun weekend and happy valentines day! xoxo jcd

  2. So cute! I'm obsessed with you two :)

  3. Thanks babe! This is the cutest...love you :)

  4. one of your favorites is when you look like a sea turtle? nice.

  5. It is a holiday for everyone! I loooove valentines day, too!

  6. i will chop off my ear for you anyday xoxo

  7. Such a sweet little montage of the two of you :) Happy Belated Valentine's Day girlie! So happy you two were able to see one another!! xo


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