counting down until the weekend

It seems as though I'm always counting down to the weekend these days...
Luke is coming up for the weekend & we're spending the weekend at my parents house in Gig Harbor. I always look forward to my weekends with Luke [that's kinda all that you have when you're in a long distance relationship & you both work Mon-Fri]. I've been thinking about the weekend all week & here's what we're gonna do:
-- Make lots of yummy food [think grilled shrimps... sweet potato gnocchi... these cute pancakes...]
-- Make fun, fun artsy & crafty things with my mom [okay, Luke will prob. just hang out with the dad during this time... hehe]
-- Play with the baby puppy
-- Maybe we'll go see a movie...
-- Celebrate Valentines Day on Sunday - because we wont see each other on Monday...

Sometimes this long distance business really gets to us. After 2 years we just want to be in the same town & see each other all the time. *Someday* For now, we're just happy that the distance isn't farther [like say a plane ride away]. We'll figure it out soon, hopefully. Maybe I just need to keep reminding myself of this quote...
us - during a great weekend in Denver last year
 Hope everyone else has a great weekend!


  1. i feel the same way about weekends! enjoy yours :) the potato pancakes sound v good! xoxo jcd

  2. aw, sometimes i think the distance makes couples more creative! sounds like the perfect weekend plans.

  3. Thanks. I repost it on my Facebook.
    Bob Peters, CA

  4. Very interesting subject , thankyou for putting up.


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