Obsessions #3

When I find something that I love, I usually get obsessed with it... It's true, I do! I recently got a new cammy & have become obsessed with this, too! Okay, not obsessed, infatuated! I've been taking it everywhere with me & trying to snap pictures of everything! Since this, I've noticed "camera things" poping up all over the place now! Have you ever noticed something, or learned about something & then you see it all over the place afterwards... ? Yeah, exactly.

Anyways, I've been coming across all sorts of cute camera things lately I thought I woud share what I've been bookmaring and making mental notes of lately!
[via Ruche, Etsy & Google Images]

I've been eyeing the camera necklace (there are MANY different versions on Etsy) forever! I recently came across the camera ring & camera shirt... I'm loving the camera jewelry & accessories & I totally see myself adding these to my collection in the near future :)

[via eclectic whatnot]

I love these cute, girly, frilly, ruffled & whimsical camera straps that Ruthanne makes. They are bright, bold & very colorful; which is totally my style!

[via Sassy Strap Boutique]

I love, love, LOVE these vintage inspired camera straps. They remind me of the camera strap that my parents had on their old AE-1 growing up. Theirs was straight out of the 70's, but I'm kinda liking this modern take on the original.
[via Etsy]

I've been looking for a good camera bag, but haven't been able to locate one that I like. Requirements include a camera bag that is cute, stylish & also practical. Let me know if you come across any! :)


  1. i am the same way with things! right now its bees.. love that little camera necklace. too cute. xoxo jcd

  2. Great collection of camera- and photography-inspired items! I particularly love the vintage-inspired camera straps! They remind me of some great guitar straps I've seen too!

  3. that keep calm poster is pretty cool! :-)


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