I hope this doesn't come across as New Years Resolutions...

~HELLO 2011~

I'm not a big fan of making new years resolutions... It just seems like we set ourselves up to fail when we do. So many people make new years resolutions to change something about themselves, or make improvements... I never saw the reason to wait for a new year to do this. Why wait until January 1st as an excuse to make changes!

Instead I want to make some fun "ongoing goals" or "things I'd like to do". Plus it really makes me mad when I go to the gym in January/February and it's packed with people that made a resolution to lose weight or exercise more... then by March the gym is back to normal again. Failed resolutions. I'll avoid the disappointment and just make a list of fun things I'd like to do... :)

Wear more dresses! haha that is my goal. I actually hate wearing jeans anyways, so this won't be a hard one ;) Plus a dress always looks cute!

Take advantage of the beautiful landscape that the Pacific Northwest naturally provides us. I would really like to go one more hikes and runs. I'm really wanting to buy a new bike in the next few months... Hopefully that gives me some motivation to hang out in the outdoors more often!

Travel, Travel, Travel! Check out my travel map to see where we're going in 2011!

Take more pictures! And even more importantly, save up for a new Cannon camera. It's been on my list of "wants" for a very long time & it's about time I just buy it already!

Cook more! I actually really LOVE to cook & I'm also really good at it, too! I want to find more time to cook at home instead of eating out as much as I do.

Spend more time strengthening friendships! You can never have too many friends :)

So here's to a wonderful new year! I'm sure it will be filled with a lot of fun! :)

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xoxo, Holly

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