My holiday favorite: Baking!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is all the yummy food that we make! My family sure knows how to cook & you can bet that we'll be eating some delicious meals this coming Christmas weekend! Of course I don't have the pictures yet, but over at Martha Stewart's website, she's got 'em all!
What are you all baking this holiday weekend?

Here's what's on the menu over at my family's house this holiday weekend:

Prime Rib. A blend of 16 different spices make up the dry rub for this delicious centerpiece.

Yorkshire Pudding. Goes perfect with the Prime Rib pan drippings. 

 Potato Casserole. A recipe from my mom's best friend.

My mom's famous Montana Dinner Rolls. A MUST have at our holiday dinner table.
Creamed corn with heavy cream and Parmesan cheese. Another recipe from my mom's best friend.

Moms homemade apple turnovers!

Hot buttered rum! I've never had this before... We're trying something new!

and just for fun... 
cute holiday cookies.

an even cuter igloo cake, complete with little penguins!

XOXO, Holly