A FUN week ahead...

Well it's almost Christmas [yay!] and I have a week off work between Christmas and New Years [thanks, MLB for shutting down the office for a week - appreciate that!] And I'm headed down to my favorite city, Portland, for the week. I already have a packed schedule and am so excited to re-connect with so many great friends!

Meet up with cousin Abby - Happy Hour? It was her birthday yesterday - so maybe a lil belated birthday celebration...
 [Abby in the middle]

Luke and I are venturing down to Salem for dinner & beers w. Craig/Alan & RD/Jessica [Craig and RD are my two of my friends from college, out of our old friend group they are the two that I keep in touch with & also two of the nicest guys I know]
RD [on the right]
[Craig on the left]

Luke's company Holiday Party

Happy Hour with the girls [Kaitlin, Gina, Elyse & Sarah] It's also Elyse's birthday!
[me & Gina]
[Elyse & myself]
 [me & Kaitlin - this must have been about 10 years ago!]

New Years Eve! We have absolutely NO plans as of yet... I'm sure we'll find something fun to do...
[NYE last year...]

What? No plans yet? Hopefully I'll get to see these girls... my favorite cousin that isn't my cousin & and my favorite aunt that isn't my aunt! [they belong to Luke]
[me, Aunt Sue & Jenni]

The dreadful drive back to Seattle. Not that Seattle is dreadful, but the 3 hour drive is.

Suddenly a week off doesn't feel so long now, with all these plans. Either way, I'm excited to get out of town for a week & just enjoy "hanging out"!


XOXO, Holly