30 Before 30: Making Progress! #29

It's about time for a 30before30 progress report! I recently completed #29 on my list [Get an iPhone or a Droid [or other comparable awesome phone]. I have been wanting an iPhone for a VERRRRRRRY long time & I just finally decided to take the plunge and just get it already! The family and I went down to the AT&T store, moved some phone lines around, transferred accounts, found out that dad gets a gov. discount... so we switched all lines to one account and we all end up paying less money in the long run!

I've had my iPhone4 since Sunday and I am already in love with it :) It's a much smarter phone than I ever thought possible, I just gotta get used to the touch screen numbers because I called a few people on accident... but other than that - this phone makes me happy! :)

Now I know placing this item on my 30before30 list wasn't really a "goal" I had for myself... but rather something nice I wanted to do for myself. It's something that will move me into the new age of social media; something that people my age are really diving into and I felt like I was really missing out on with the old phone [that had no internet, only granting me with the ability to place calls and send text messages]. Plus, the apps I can place on this phone are amazing; photography, games, social applications, news, maps, ffb scores, price scanners, sleep sounds, personal & work email accounts, restaurant guides... The list can go on forever...

Here it is... a screen shot of my new iPhone4!

My new, beautiful & very organized home screen