Branding your online presence

I've been trying to decide what to blog about lately... I have thoughts run through my mind everyday about possible topics to share with my readers.

[ranting about the weather, the bad Seattle drivers, my lack of advancement in the professional world, how gross it is that Kim Kardashian is now going to become a singer??...]

don't want my blog to contain a random jumble of nonsense & negativity; I want my blog to show my readers what's going on in my life [my interests, positive thoughts, insights, etc...]. In my quest to determine what direction I want my blog to take - I realize it is just a personal blog, people! I don't need a clear and straight direction; it's just me. Right?

Well, I came across this blog post by Amy Martin [a past co-worker at the Phoenix Suns that has started her own company, Digital Royalty] right around the time I was brainstorming a direction for my blog... This post really made me think about what I'm putting out there for everyone to see. Not only my blog, but my Facebook & Twitter presence as well. I see a large number of individuals posting inappropriate content, a million quizzes, among a lot of other topics that I'm sure their friends/followers have no interest in. This post really made me evaluate my personal brand & made me want to be conscious about what I'm putting out there, because it represents ME.

Being a working professional in my late-twenties, I have a variety of co-workers, clients, friends & family members that have exposure to my presence online [facebook, twitter, blog]. I feel that it is important to control how I am seen by these groups; because I always want to come across as a young professional. I don't want to come across as someone that uses profanity in their facebook statuses, posts drunk pictures every weekend, or even posting my every move &/or thought of the day. At the end of the day I just want to protect my personal brand.

In a world where so much of our lives can be placed online for everyone to see, I feel it's important to control the content. I understand that I'm just a lil ole person & not a company, but
it’s my reputation here!

What have you done to manage your personal brand?

"Be a Professional: This is both the simplest bit of advice and perhaps the most critical. Sure, it’s the web and it’s fun, but if you are using it toward professional ends, be mindful of what you say and who you associate with."

In the end I'm going to continue with my blog the way it's been. I like having a space to post my ideas/thoughts/adventures - I'm just going to be mindful of the content moving forward - because it represents who I am.