Friday Flashback!

Holy long time ago! [well long time ago for the life of a 20-something...] I found a very old online photo album of pictures nearing the end of my college years. I actually haven't seen these pictures for a few years, so it was a nice stroll down memory lane when I came across them!

Here are a few photos of what my life was like almost 7 years ago, circa 2004. [P.S. - Please excuse the randomness...]

New York City - Christmas/New Years - 2004/2005

Visiting my cousin, Gretchen, in Salt Lake City, UT - 2004

Old college friends - Unfortunately we don't speak anymore. People change & people drift apart. I have nothing but great memories though!

Me in Philadelphia, PA - 2004

How Funny! One of my old college apartments in Corvallis - 2004