Our new restaurant of the month!

Each month Heather and I try to pick a new place in Seattle to eat. This month was Paragon, located in Upper Queen Anne. We chose this place because:

A) We've never been to it
B) We are trying to visit Upper Queen Anne more often, as it's only like a mile from our apartment &
C) We had a Living Social coupon for $25!

This place was a little too "romantical-date-night-ish" for a sister outing, but it was super cozy & charming. We're pretty sure our waitress was on here first or second day of work - because she wasn't good. At all. Seriously, she didn't know what the specials were, she didn't know what kind of wine I was ordering, it took over 30 minutes to get our food & she finally offered us bread when we were finished with our meal... Ok, awful service aside, our food & drinks were extremely good! We split the Opah fish special with watermellon and cumber salsa & a blue cheese wedge salad. A perfect amount for two ladies.

I would probaly visit this place again, well maybe. If they had an outstanding happy hour I would come to this place again! It was just nice to get out & try a new place...