30 Before 30: #13 & 35

So I've made some progress on my 30 before 30 list, knocking out #13 and working on #5!

#5 is to visit more MLB ballparks and more NBA arenas. Over the last weekend Luke and I took a tour of Coors Field, where the Colorado Rockies play. It's always interesting for me to see new & different ballparks, [since I spend all day M-F at Safeco Field]. Coors Field was a nice facility [looks VERY similar to Safeco] but I am still partial to my ballpark - our ballpark has more aesthetics.

#13 is to take a "very" spontaneous weekend vacation. Well this last weekend vacation was very spontaneous in a number of ways. One) We didn't do much planning on where to go. We saw that Southwest had good deals to Denver, Denver was relatively close, so we booked it without too much thinking. Two) We didn't really do much planning [or hardly any] planning on our 2.95 days in the city. We didn't have maps [which might be a good idea next time] we just found things to do along the way... & we stayed busy the entire duration of our vacation!

I'll write more on each number & include photos to go with each post. First, I have to upload them [all 275+ of them]. Stay tuned!