The 30 before 30

After much thought, I have decided to start a "30 Before 30" Challenge. I'm going to turn 30 on April 16, 2012. [okay that's a little farther away when I write it all out - it seems like it's right around the corner in my head...] I am always looking for new & interesting topics to blog about - so I thought this would be perfect! You can read my list & then you can follow my progress as I complete items on my checklist! Brilliant!

1. Brew my own beer
2. Make my own wine
3. Volunteer and become more involved in my community [ongoing]
4. Host a dinner or theme party for my close friends
5. Visit more MLB ballparks & NBA arenas
6. Tailgate at a Beaver Football game
7. Construct my own darkroom to further pursue my love of photography
8. Take a cooking class & learn a new technique
9. Make a Panang curry dish from scratch
10. Learn how to make sushi
11. Run a 5k
12. & then a 10k
13. Take a "very" spontaneous weekend vacation
14. Advance my career [promotion...]
15. Go on an overnight backpacking/hiking trip
16. Go wine tasting
17. Buy a new camera & an old camera [new = Amazing Camera; old = Cannon AE1 - see #7] - got this one halfway done!
18. Visit a "new" city each year
19. Take on a painting project
20. Make an upholstered bench
21. Purchase a cute lil cruiser bike with a wicker basket attached to the front
22. Decorate for every holiday in a year
23. Get a puppy!
24. Coordinate a community event to help make a difference
25. Visit Crater Lake, Oregon
26. Plant and maintain a garden
27. Watch the sun rise
28. Win a contest of some kind [ok, if I don't accomplish this it's not entirely my fault!]
29. Get an iPhone or a Droid [or other comparable awesome phone]
30. Move into a much better living space
30 (a). Place $25 in my lil blue pig each time I check off a challenge! This fund will go to help out with other challenges on my list [some of these things cost $$ you know!]

Ta-Da! There is my list! If there is anyone out there that would like to help me out, or participate in any of these activities, please let me know! This is going to be a fun challenge & I look forward to blogging about my progress!


  1. If you come brew the next batch of beer with us you will be one step closer to #1.

    Talk to Elyse about beaver tailgating. She has some kind of plan up her sleeve for civilwar 2010 that involves a party bus and a keg.

    Wine tasting! Do I see a girls weekend in our future? This can definitely be arraigned.

    Always here to help you with your goals!

  2. Murder Mystery party! I'm going to one this weekend. I'll let you know what I think

  3. Yeah, Let me know! That sounds like such a fun idea!

  4. I'll run with you! 5k or 10k, Seattle, Jacksonville or somewhere in between :)


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