Countdown to Chi-Town

exactly 0 years, 1 months and 25 days.

exactly 56 days.

approximately 1,344 hours.

approximately 80,640 minutes.

approximately 4,838,400 seconds.

Excited much? YES!

Luke and I are taking a trip to Chicago and Indiana! He was born and raised in Indiana and started his career in Chicago before moving out to Portland 5 years ago. This September, we're going to visit his family [and the city]! I love having a trip to look forward to! After we got back from San Francisco I started getting excited about Chicago.

Since I wont be able to live out my dream of moving every 5 years or so to a new city [it's just not that realistic...] Luke promised that we can go to AT LEAST one new place a year and explore! That makes me feel a little better :)

[some places that are next on my list after Chicago are: Kansas City (my dear friend Katie lives here), Hawaii (duh!), Charleston, SC (this places just looks awesome), ok so I haven't got that far on the vacation dreaming yet... But I'm sure I'll think of some other new places that I'll want to visit!]