This past weekend was so great! It was my first time meeting Luke's parents [they live in Indiana]. They're in the NW from Wednesday to Wednesday, so it was really nice that they came up to Seattle for the weekend.

Mariners day game [with both of our families] followed by a trip to Pike Place and dinner at the Pike Pub. Later that night we went to the top of the Space Needle right at sunset [only took me two years...]

After a quick stop at work for about an hour, we ventured down to Gig Harbor where we had fondue and shrimp cocktail at the parents house, followed by a quick trip around town and a lot of chit-chatting.

And did I mention that these two are the nicest people ever! They give hugs right away and are just so dang friendly. It was funny to hear the dads go back and forth with fireman/police talk and it was really cute to hear Lukes mom talk about Luke as a kid with some cute little stories. I'm really wishing that we all lived closer because I would love to spend more time with them. Maybe someday :)

ps - I accidentally threw a peanut at Luke's' moms' head. Oops! That will teach me to drink a few less beers...