I had a lovely weekend the past few days. I kept thinking, what interesting things could I blog about that don't include "weekend update" or "weekend re-cap", so I gave myself an assignment. My assignment was to take pictures of my adventures from different angles. My goal was to capture my life from a new perspective [I half failed at this mission because I didn't take any pictures until Sunday].

On Sunday, we decided that the day was too nice to be spent inside, so we went up to the Rose Gardens and the Oregon Zoo. Although the roses aren't in bloom quite yet, it is always beautiful there, especially on a nice day when you can just walk around the trails. We hoped over to the zoo [where we officially decided that we never want to have kids]. My favorite part of the zoo was the Lorikeet Landing [how have I never heard of the tiny birds?]. You can walk through an open-air aviary with tiny cups of nectar and these tiny lories land on your hand, too cute!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend, too!