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A while ago (about a year and a half ago to be exact) the "25 things" survey was floating around on Facebook and everyone was compiling their lists and tagging all of their friends. Well, I am going to re-visit that list today. I'm sure I can come up with 25 "new" things - hopefully I can list 25 things about myself that you didn't even know before! :) Here it goes!

1. I'm trying to be better about blogging. It's a great way to document and share my life with everyone (or anyone - if they read it). Sometimes I struggle with what to write about, but I do like having a blog to categorize my thoughts.

2. I would LOVE to have an iPhone - but work currently pays for my cell phone and I am really spoiled to not have that bill to worry about.

3. The only thing that really scares me about being a home-owner is that I tend to move around a lot... Not just switching residences, but states. I've lived in 3 states in the past 5 years. I have a feeling I might not be done yet either...

4. I LOVE my cycling class! It's a tough work-out and you sweat the entire time, but my legs feel great afterward. It's totally worth it.

5. I love photography and it's something that I really, really want to pick up again in the near future. I'd love to have my own darkroom someday so I can develop my own prints.

6. I'm convinced that I'm going to win the lottery. I just need to buy a ticket...

7. One thing I have found that I don't like about moving is that 9 out of 10 friends will not come visit you. I am usually the one that visits them. I wish people were more willing to step outside of their comfort level.

8. I miss Portland on a daily basis and it's not just because Luke lives there...

9. My parents have the best little puppy, ever. I can't wait until she has puppies so I can have one!

10. I'm addicted to those Baked Lays Southwestern Ranch potato chips - I can (and have been known) to eat a whole bag in a day. They taste like a burrito!

11. Someday I'll make it over to Europe (after a failed attempt).

12. I want to move to Chicago (even though I have never been there).

13. I have the best boyfriend. Serious. It was a bit of a rocky start - but everything fell into place and it's better than ever!

14. If I could afford to, I would outfit my entire wardrobe from Anthropologie. I can't get enough of that store.

15. My 10-year high school reunion is this summer and I have no interest in going at all. I don't care for 95% of the people I graduated with. High School was neither great nor terrible for me, it just was. Cliques were terrible, there were a lot of rude girls and I have no interest in re-uniting with people that were superficial. High School was not a pivotal period in my life, it was just school. I'd rather have a college reunion with my college friends.

16. I have recently taken to fake nails. I've had them for about a month now and I love them. I know it's cheesy.

17. I am slightly obsessed with all things Southern.

18. Marriage doesn't scare me. Having kids really does though.

19. I've been on two hot air balloon rides. The last ride our balloon hit a tree and I thought I was going to fall out.

20. I am slightly obsessed with Farmville. I know it's lame. I hide all the notifications on my wall so people don't know that I'm farming everyday. It's quite embarrassing actually.

21. I love my family more than they know. I have a LOT of aunts, uncles and cousins that I rarely get to see. I think about everyone often and hope that everyone is happy.

22. I'm so excited to go to Indiana with Luke! You have no idea. I know most people might not be excited to visit a Midwest state, but I can't wait to see where he grew up, where he went to college and everything in-between.

23. I really, really miss my college. Although, it brings back such weird memories when I do go back. I can't wait for this fall so I can go back for Beaver football.

24. I wish I could take more time off work for road-trips. I've always wanted to do a road trip around the country - or take a road-trip to visit every ballpark.

25. If I could only choose three channels on my TV it would be: Food Network, Travel Channel an ESPN. In that order.


  1. I was actually just thinking last night about the 25 Things list and how I kinda wanted to bring it back. Doing it on the blog is a great idea. (and yes, it does get read!)

    Love your list and I'm so happy that everything is going well for you. I know that I owe you at least one trip to Seattle, which I am going to try my hardest to do next year. Gotta get there before you leave, lol!

    Thanks for the inspiration to do another round at 25. I'll try to get mine up soon!


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