Lately I've been struggling with blog topics. What do I write about? What will other people find interesting? What do I have going on in my life that is worth sharing? Until I can figure this out, I'm going to stick with the old standby of "weekly update" or "recap". I know this is the least creative way to let you all know what is on [or what was] on my mind - but here goes!

Last week [well let's say last weekend]: Friday, April 16. The Birthday. 28.

Yes, last Friday was my birthday - it was awesome! On Friday, Abby, Luke and Heather joined me for a Mariners game. [how lucky am I to have my best cousin, best sister and best friend/boyfriend all join me at the same time??] I didn't pay too much attention to the game because I was too busy surrounded by my peeps and having some birthday drinks [likely story]... Tony, Keshia and Brent joined too! What great company! :) After the game we went over to the Hawks Nest with everyone & Demetrius [my birthday twin] to have more birthday drinks and shots. Long story short - drank my fair share and then some and called it a night.

On Saturday my parents came to town, Luke's aunt, uncle and cousin came to town & we all went to Sport [by the space needle] for some lunch. After a brief detour to the liquor store we made our way over to Pyramid to the beer garden and hung out under the tent sipping on [cheaper than ballpark] beers. When we made our way over to the ballpark and into our suite for the evening, I was greeted by Gina & Derek and Kaitlin, Josh & Connor! What great friends to come up from Portland to join me in continuing on with the birthday festivities!

It was a wonderful weekend and I'm so happy that all my favorite people were able to spend time with me. Cheers to turning 28 and to a great year to come! <3

Oh, I forgot to mention that the baby puppy turned 1 year old on my birthday too! :)