Birthdays Smirthdays

Happy Birthday today to my wonderful Mommy! Heather and I are driving down to Tacoma after work tonight to meet the mom and the dad for a birthday dinner at the LobsterShop (best seafood ever).

I hope you have the bestest, most relaxing day today! I'm excited to celebrate with you tonight :)

And while we're on the topic of birthdays... Mine is coming up on the 16th (hint hint - wink wink). Luke keeps talking about some present he's getting me (like "Oh, I just got an e-mail that your present is ready to be picked up..." and "Oh, I'm going to pick up your present right now..."). Yet he doesn't drop any clues as to what it is, he just tells me things that keep confusing me - the suspense is killing me! But he's pretty much the best bf ever, so I'm sure whatever it is, it's going to be wonderful ;)

I'm also super excited about the birthday this year because I got a Suite that weekend and all of my favorites are going to be joining me for a baseball game (that and drinks before and after)! My family, Luke and his family, and some of my best friends are all coming up for it. It's going to be such a fun weekend, I wish it were here right now...



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