Getting excited...

I'm getting SUPER excited about SUMMER! I've already busted out the country music (which usually gets me in a summery mood) and can't wait for warm weather, beaches and lots of baseball :)I'm getting SUPER excited for OPENING DAY 2010. It's going to be here in a little more than 3 weeks - and work hasn't ever been as busy as it is right now!

I'm getting SUPER excited for SAN FRANCISCO with Luke over the 4th of July weekend! We are going to take our first long road trip together and drive down there for a super, super long weekend! :)

But what I'm most excited about it seeing Luke in a few days! I'm going down to Portland to help with celebrating his 28th birthday! His birthday isn't until March 17 - but that falls on a Wednesday and that just wont work out for visiting :-/

That's all for now! More Friday!