It's time for an update...

I kinda gave up on updating my blog recently... I'll try to be better, promise-omise! ;)

Not tooooooooo much new going on in my life - just enjoying my weekends with good friends in both Sea and P Town. Here are some updates that should keep you all satisfied for a while, hehe:

- Just went to Arizona a few weeks ago to catch some spring training games, a Suns game (thank god they beat the Thunder) and catching up with my favorite bitches :)

- Made a few trips to Portland to see some Blazer games (can you say PLAYOFFS!), hang out with some good friends, have a few dance parties and drink a lot of booze! :)

- Got a couple of baseball fantasy teams going (although I'm feeling kinda apathetic about them right now, oops!) - I am most excited to have Grady Sizemore and Carlos Zambrano kickin some ass for me!

- Opening Day starts in a few weeks and then my busy life can start back up again!

- The birthday is coming up in April (which is my favorite day of the year, hehe) - I'm super happy about the labby top I'll be receiving - Thanks Ma and Pa!

- Planning another Florida trip to see my favorite L-Boogie and hop on down to M-I-A-M-I in September! Tickets are suuuuuuuuper cheap right now!

- Well that's about all... I don't plan too far in advance so this is all you get! :)

Loves Holls!