So, not much new to report on the blog...

The Mariners signed Griffey, so that's good (I mean GREAT!) It was one hell of an emotional roller coaster leading up to his final decision. But in the end, he chose right! Here's the latest story on the kid

18 days until I head down to Arizona for Spring Training and to see my most favorite girls!

Kim is moving in this weekend, Heather and I very excited!

My dad completely shocked me over the weekend by asking me if I knew what "Thirsty Thursday" was... I was like, yeah I might have heard of it ;-) He proceeds to inform me that him and his new friends celebrate Thirsty Thursday every week now. At 5pm they all go to this restaurant/bar that used to be an old Fire Station and they drink beer. Now that I think about it, it doesn't surprise me - I think my dad might be the coolest ever :-)