I'm planning trips! Going to AZ in March to see my FAVORITE BITCHES and SPRING TRAINING! BUT, I have many more to plan throughout 2009. Here's what I am thinking and I want you all to let me know if you'd be interested in going anywhere with me, you know it's going to be fun! :-)
  • Picking up the ballpark tour... CHICAGO? - I'd HAVE to see a Cubbies game (and a White Sox game, blah) and make the trek up north to Wisc. to catch a Brewers game... sinice I'd be soooooo close.
  • PITTSBURGH-CLEVELAND-DETROIT? That might be too much for a 4 day weekend? BUT, I'd knock out three ballparks, three major cites and cross a great lake... hmmmm
  • FLORIDA - I'd love to go see my favorite Blazer girl - We'll I'm going to make another trip there, I just need to figure out my schedule for the best time of year to go back there.
  • ANYWHERE ELSE? I've been wanting to go back to New Orleans for a while now... possibility?
This all seems like enough to keep myself busy for 2009...
Loves ♥ Hollsssssss


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