So, I was never able to make it out of the airport. Dammit. I was stuck there from Friday to Sunday. On Friday Fernando and I arrived super early because we wanted to make sure that we got there when cabs were still running. We stayed up all night on the airport floor waiting for our flights to go out at 6 am that next morning. He was flying to L.A. and luckily he made it out there just fine. Me on the other hand, well I wasn't so lucky. For some reason my flight had to go to Portland before it went to Boston, BUT both of those got cancelled. I tried as hard as I could to get on ANY flight just to get out of Seattle (see the past two days I was on buses all over Seattle to just try and get home which actually never happened on Thursday night. My friend and I adopted this strategy... Just get on a bus and go somewhere! Because all buses were on different routes and kept kicking us off, leaving us stranded - another long story) SO, couldn't get on a single flight and after being awake for about 30 hours at this point I was getting delirious. ALL flights cancelled that day for Alaska. I went to sleep at 10am and woke up at 3pm... waited for my next flight which the idiot lady never actually booked me for, so I had to wait for the next one on standby, but that one kept getting delayed and delayed every hour. Then I run into Sean Grindley, he's trying to fly out to Georgia to see his girlfriend and I think he made it out ok... I hope anyways! SO, I keep waiting for my flight to board (I'm semi-sleeping next to a drafty window on the floor because there are thousands and thousands of stranded travellers everywhere!) It gets cancelled and I hear that people are lined up for hours waiting for cabs and it's a minimum $70-$100 to get back to Seattle. THANK GOD my dad's friend worked right by the airport and he stopped by, picked me up and took me home so I could sleep and wait on the phone/internet to check my flights and talk to someone about getting a refund or something. WELL, all my flights are still cancelled and they are too busy to deal with my small request to send me out of Seattle, so they are doing nothing. I hate Alaska Airlines, boo, or I hate Seattle/Portland right now. Amtrak and Greyhound are even closed down. Double, and triple ggrrrr. And American Airlines cancelled my flight because I cannot keep re-scheduling out of Boston because they are running just fine. SO, they gave me a partial credit on my flight and charged me $250 to cancel. WTF, right. After a lot of complaining they told me it wasn't their fault because all of their international flights are running on-time and I should be lucky that I got anything back. Well that sucks. I have yet to even get though to anyone on Alaska. I pretty much had to give up because I no longer have a flight to Munich :-( I even tried to get a flight to my parents house so I can at least spend Christmas with them, well that's not possible either because I can only take Alaska there, ggrrrrr again. What shitty luck huh?

So, I am still stuck in Seattle... I ventured out yesterday in a blizzard to walk 2 miles to Safeway and back to get couch medicine because I got sick in this whole process. Aaarrrggghhhhh! BUT, there is very good new in all of this... With my Europe spending money that I had saved and some money from my parents as a Christmas present, I am going to buy a flat screen TV tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Found a 42" for a very AWESOME price, so I'm going to brave the snow/ice tomorrow (on many buses I'm sure) to go get my new TV! Let's just say I'm not feeling so sad anymore... I'll make it to Europe another time I'm sure... and maybe next time someone will be able to travel with me!

I hope you all have a safe and Happy Holidays! Even if I don't make it down to Portland to spend the holidays with friends and family, I have my sister here with me :-)

<3 Holls


  1. just devastating. I talked to Sean today, he made it to Georgia and was bummed to hear you didn't make it anywhere!!!!


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