Ok, so Europe was a bust... and EVERYONE has been telling me that "everything happens for a reason", to be quite honest I am sick of hearing that. I just ran into a streak of bad luck with the weather, that's all. It will happen again someday, I'm not too worried.

Now I have all these travel vouchers and endless travel possibilities to look forward to throughout 2009, so life is still awesome! Plus, it's not my nature to let something get me down for too long, after all there was a positive outcome to this disaster...

A) I got to spend Christmas with my whole family before they move to Gig Harbor... B) I'll hopefully get to see my dearest L-Boogie in the next few days... C) I have lots of travel vouchers so I can now knock off some of those Ballparks that I've been wanting to visit for a while (Chicago... Florida... ) D) I can make a trip to see my favorite AZ bitches and hopefully catch a few spring training games. So you see, it all still works out wonderfully in the end :-)

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I know I did! Now I have a nice and shiny 42" flat screen to look forward to when I get back to Seattle!

<3 Holls

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