The Happy Carman family

So, the family is going to be moving to Tacoma. Wow.

The dad got offered a job as a Fire Marshal in Tacoma, WA (he is currently the Asst. Fire Chief/Fire Marshal back home). This is wonderful news for the parents as they are looking for a change. The dad is looking for new challenges and both the mom and the dad want to be closer to their lovely daughters. So the Carman family will all be up in the Seattle/Tacoma area now. For me this is awesome as I haven't made it back to Madras in over a year and a half now (c'mon it's like 6 hours away and I lead quite the busy life these days).

Both Heather and I are happy to see the parents so happy and excited to make the move up north. Wow what a family full of happiness :-)

And lil Colby is coming back, YAY!


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