Week Update

Okay... Not posting as often as I would like, but here is my re-cap of a great week!

Monday: Shit, can't remember that far back. Nothing too exciting must have happened this day...

Tuesday: Got in some last minute batting practice at the Mariners batting cages during the lunch break. Our Video Coordinator, Carl, taped our swings and then replayed it in slow motion and went over areas we could improve and areas where we kicked ass. We then took that info and went back for a second round. Quite fun! Practiced again after work with some of my teammates. Oh, did I mention I worked this day too, yeah.

Wednesday: Fall Classic Baby! Our team (Pink Elephants) lost in the First Round but we had an awesome time. Watched the rest of our co-workers games and hung on the field with some other co-workers. Quite an entertaining day! Ventured over to Showbox SODO with the majority of the front office from the Fall Classic and had lots of beer with a great group (like how many 50-100 co-workers) Again, quite entertaining.

Thursday: Who wanted to be at work today? Yeah, didn't think so. We were all sore from a fun day of softball. Made it through the day and then went out to dinner in Ballard with a friend from Portland.

Friday: Jeans day! Had a meeting with a prospective client and they gave us ice cream. The rotunda was pretty excited when I walked around giving it all away too :-) Had a Yunker and was ready for Happy Hour. Ohh, I had a lovely lunch with Katie, my favorite graphic designer at the Mariners. Happy Hour = fun, text message I sent after = probably a bad idea, thanks.

Saturday: Pub Golf. Oktoberfest is a no-go.