OK, weekend update

So after many of choices for things to do on Saturday night I decided to go out in Ballard (my cute little neighborhood of Seattle) for some Pub Golf with some co-workers and their friends. I live only a half mile away from the places they were all going to and I really need to explore my neighborhood bars and hang-outs, so it worked out perfect!

Ok, so what is Pub Golf you ask? So, you have a list of bars and each one is a hole. You have only 30 minutes at each bar and you "have" to drink something (for example, a double shot of tequila would be a hole-in-one, a microbrew would be par and if you got a water you would have to add a stroke to par) The goal is to have the lowest score at the end of the evening. It's quite rough.

I decided early in the night that I was going to be the sober one because everyone was getting drunk very fast. It was quite entertaining just to hang out though. We only made it to five bars (which proved to be enough, well actually too many). I got stuck taking care of Dan (D and Rachel's friend) why, I don't know how. We found a hot dog stand on the side of Ballard Ave. and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! After wandering down the streets for a while I decided that I was going to take them back to my place because they couldn't drive and lived too far away for a cab. On the way back I drove them (D, Dan, Rach and Dustin) through Taco Bell. After Taco Bell we "Had" to go through Burger King. There was a lady walking through the drive thru and Dan was convinced that she was going to steal his food so he jumped out the car window (well he actually fell out headfirst) haha. We successfully got his food and parked and ate. WELL, someone called the cops on us I guess, because like 5 minutes later cops were surrounding us in the parking lots with their flashing lights... oops. Thank the lord I'm sober! D is in the front seat puking out the side of the car and the cops are talking to me and asking me questions about where I live and want to make sure that I can take care of my friend that is half-dead in the front seat. I talk sports with another cop (he noticed my OSU stickers on my car and we talk about the game earlier in the day) Phew! After a few minutes they let us go, phew, again! Cops are scary, but I did good :-)

We finally get home (as it is like .5 miles away) Everyone is crashed out in my room (all five of us) I have like no space on my bed and I'm smashed up against my wall (three people don't fit well in a full bed) D and Rach are on the floor... My roommate wasn't too happy I brought people home. Oops, I was trying to do the right thing and keep them safe :-( Sorry.

So it was an interesting night...