How I got to where I am today

My friend Jessica wrote a blog on all the jobs that she's had and how they've all led her to the path she's on now. Finding out things about yourself along the way, and learning what your passions are... It inspired me to write one of my own :-) Here are all of the jobs that I've had to date:

McDonalds: This lasted two weeks! I applied on accident (I wasn't serious and I didn't think they would actually hire me). Two of my best friends worked there so that's why I did it. It sucked.

Erickson's Sentry: One of the two grocery stores in my hometown. I started as a boxer here my senior year of high school. I bagged groceries and organized the merchandise. I worked here for a year before going off to college.

Brightwood: This is a wood mill and employees a lot of people in Madras. I worked at the Bend plant the summer after my freshman year of college. I stacked boards onto pallets, that's all. I worked swing shift (4pm - 2am) it sucked to miss all the crazy parties back at my apartment (shout out to #69!) but my roommies always rallied and kept them going so I could enjoy when I got home. Let's just say there were many of late nights that summer. Great summer! This job continued into the school year and became part time (4-9 M-TH). It paid A LOT, that is the only reason why I stayed there a while.

Erickson's Sentry (again): I went back to work here for one summer while attending OSU and then another time for Christmas break.

Zumiez: I didn't work here for long. I went up to Seattle with Tom (boyfriend at the time) and folded clothes and greeted people. Not that exciting, but I did like the discount :-)

Oregon State University: CPG! Caption Production Group. Such a random job. I captioned videos for hearing impaired students. Me (and three others) pretty much set up this program and created the policies/procedures for the department because our boss did absolutely no work at all. She would chat with her girlfriend all day on Yahoo Instant Messenger. True Story. I did meet Erica, who is my dear friend that is now in Law School at UW. Hi Erica!

Portland Trail Blazers: I was finished with school (well pretty much, I had one online class I was taking...) and I went to work for the Portland Trail Blazers! I worked in the Community Relations and Communications departments. I did media tracking, press clips, market research, helped coordinate community events, helped with player appearances in the community, volunteered my extra time in helping out every game I was available for (stat runner and mascot wrangler!) Geez I could go on and on and on... This is where I decided that I wanted to work in sports forever! What a great place this was (and still is).

Phoenix Suns: I moved to Phoenix and got a job with the Phoenix Suns. I was a Database Marketing Coordinator. I coordinated pre-sales and special offers for Downtown Live members. I learned a lot more about an NBA Front Office here. It just wasn't for me though. There were a lot of things here that I just didn't agree with, business wise. I did however, meet a lot of amazing people that mean so much to me and helped me through a lot. :-)

MacDonald Mille Facility Solutions: I was an Office Coordinator for a Construction/HVAC service company. Although this field interests me none whatsoever, there were some great people here. It was mindless work and I felt like I was accomplishing nothing. It gave me time to focus on what I really wanted to go after in my career. This was pretty much just a waiting period.

Portland Trail Blazers (again): I was itching to get back into sports. I got hired as a seasonal Game Night Media Relations Assistant (in addition to the MacMiller job). I issued credentials to the media and helped run the media room (aka stat runner). I loved every minute of this job. The stats crew is an amazing group of people and the Communications Department absolutely rocks! They were like my second family :-)

Seattle Mariners: Right after the Blazers season ended (last day away game in phoenix and my birthday) I got a call from the Mariners saying that they wanted me to interview for a position that I had applied for. Could the timing be any more perfect? One week later I was going to Seattle for an interview; one week later I got offered the job; two weeks later I was living in Seattle. I now work in the Corporate Business department (Sponsorship... Corporate Marketing) I help maintain and execute our sponsors contracts. I help with proposals and coordinate every little detail... I take clients down to the field for batting practice, to throw out a first pitch or do an on-field presentation, I help coordinate and execute an event at the ballpark sponsored by one of our clients. I pretty much help our entire department out any way that I can :-) I love it here!

Well there it is. All the jobs that I've had over the past 10-12 years. Some are very random and some are very amazing. I'm definitely doing exactly what I want to be doing now and I'm very happy that my path led me to sports and more importantly the Seattle Mariners. I hope you've enjoyed this :-)