G. Love and Special Sauce (click for pix)

G. Love was last night. So, it was pretty much the concert (and Dance Party, of course) of the summer, or celebrating the nearing of the end of the summer. Either way. Awesome. My Gina friend went with me and we've been known to get a little crazy when we get together, like more crazy than normal! Lets just say that we caused many o shenanigans last night:-) The music was amazing (Tristan Prettyman and the John Butler Trio make an appearance). With our beers in hand, we danced barefoot on the grass and took over 100 pictures (you better believe we were having the best of times and had to document that :-) Then the dance party was over and these two drunk girls couldn't find the parking lot (trust me, was confusing with all the grass hills and trees). I got really scared and freaked out about getting lost in Europre (in December, yay!) and how am I going to make it in Europe when I can't find my way out of a G. Love concert. Then when I woke up this morning I wasn't worried about it anymore, I knew it ;-)


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