Fall Classic

We've entered the off-season here at the Seattle Mariners. It's kind of quiet around the office today, but there is quite a buzz going around about the Fall Classic. What is the Fall Classic you ask? Well...

Surprising to most, the very first Mariners Fall Classic was actually held in October 1828, nearly 18 years before the 1st recorded baseball game. The perennial Front Office grudge match lasted 7 seasons before having to be terminated due to budget cuts in 1835. The early star of the Fall Classic was Moose Clausen; winning 3 titles include a 7 for 7 performances in the 1830 contest.

The modern day Marines Fall Classic was reborn in 2004. Team Parson took home the title that year, followed by Team Weir the following season. In 2006, Team Munro-Orwiler aka the Sand People, ran the table to claim their first championship

The 2007 Mariners Fall Classic was a memorable one. Controversy, Inspiration and Outstanding play was on the menu that fateful day last October. When it was all said and done, Cole Parsons became the first 2-time General Manager winner of the Classic, as his Blue Crush rolled to the Championship. What's in store for Classic # 5... Who knows? With 3 rookie GMs and 3 seeking their first title as well as 2 former Champions, the Moose Clausen Cup is certainly up for grabs.

So it's really just a softball tournament the Front Office does in October. Today the teams were announced and I'm on the "Pink Elephants" team. I must say, I'm very happy to have been chosen for such a great team. Thanks! Below is our team philosophy from one of our Team Captains, Nick Pope:

"First and foremost, I like to think of myself as a "player's manager." That basically means that I talk a lot of smack, don't hold rigorous practices, then hope to hell my players back me up on the field. My team will bring alot of swagger with them -- and they'll have to -- because, seriously, you have to be a little bit cocky if you're going to kick somebody's butt wearing a pink shirt.”

I'm excited to go out and buy some nice pink sports socks, a sweet headband and some rockin armbands for Fall Classic mania!!!!!