so it continues

As the job search continues on, I am none the less still frustrated. I am applying like crazy and following up with everyone and still nothing! I had two interviews (which I have yet to hear back from) and a few letters saying "thanks, but no thanks". I am very qualified, so why can't I find anything? I might be being a little picky, but I don't want a shitty job... I deserve a good job with good pay. I don't want to settle for sometihng when I know that I am capable of getting more! That is pretty much the motto of my life currently.

I have been branching out and looking in other areas. I like Portland but if I cannot find what I need here then I need to get it elsewhere. I have nothing tying me down here and am open to going somewhere else, so if I find a job that looks great to me, I am going to go for it!

I have come up with a list of places that I would be willing to move to: Here are 5 from each category:

YES: New York, Massachuttses, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Colorado
NO: Texas, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho

I know that pretty much gives no insight whatsoever to where I would like to move to, I would just like to try something different (again) and this time I would be moving for my job and not just to run away from something... BLAH!