What happiness is all about (to me)...

A note to all my friends: I enjoy you and the times that we share together! I enjoy all of our happy times together. We are who we are because of eachother. Life, complicated at times is so good with you in it. If I could give you something, anything in the world, it would be what we are doing right now. Just sharing our lives together. Becuase that is more valuable and memorable than anything else to me :o)

My previous employer at the Blazers posted a blog about happiness and I felt very touched by what she wrote that I felt compelled to write something of my own to share what's going on in my life.

"Understand that first and foremost a healthy, happy and content you will be the best gift you can give to others. Understand, and this is the hardest, that others quest for happiness can not define who you are. That every person you touch will continue to march to their own beat and you can't change that. But they will hold the gift you've given them inside somewhere and in some form, big or small, will make a lasting impression. If I'm not happy and at peace with myself I can't be much to anyone else."

I live a great and wonderful life, I always have. I have always had great friends in my life and have had some pretty awesom experiences with all of them that I would not trade in for anything. I have always been a very Happy Holls. That's kinda what I am best known for I think. I still very much am that way too. But something weird happened after college... Looking back on my college days I feel that I was pretty much floating on a cloud or someting. I just lived life day by day and enjoyed every second of it. After college my long-time boyfriend and I broke up and I was forced to make a lot of changes in my life. It had seemed that everything that I knew and loved about my life was all different now. Not different for the worse... but just different. Everyone around me was moving on with their life, so I had to do the same. I moved to Portland by default then moved to Phoenix to get away from Portland for a little while and to try something new. I enjoyed my time in Phoenix (definately grew more confident in myself and my skills). I knew that I wouldn't stay there long, which was fine, just wanted to try it out. NOW, I am looking for my next big move! (I think)

(I think) I am not ready to settle down and have a family this second, but I hope that I am blessed to have that in my life in the near future :o) It's just when you are an adventerous person and want to live in different parts of the US and just explore what life has to offer, how do you know which place is right to go and what if I don't meet anyone meaningful there? I am struggeling with that here in Portland. I like it here, it's comfortable here, but I don't want to be tied down here. I want to have someone meaningful in my life, someone that I can share a great life with. I just don't know if I should stay here or go somewhere else to find that. It seems hard to form that type of connection when I know that I might not be there for a long period of time...


  1. I love it when my friends have blogs! It's another tool of procrastination *and* a great way to learn about my friends ;)

  2. you don't have to wait or leave to find it. When it is ready, it will come to you, wherever you are... :o)

    on that note, lets travel the world! where do you want to start....

    - chey :) (and erin is here too)

    we LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!


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