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Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating | So many laughs with this one! Josh and Hazel are acquaintances from college and reconnect by chance years later. Josh is laid back and Hazel is kind of a hurricane. They spark up a fast friendship and both become determined to find the perfect match for each other. The books takes you on a series of their horribly bad and hilarious blind dates. I laughed out loud at the many situations that Josh and Hazel found themselves in.
(4.25 stars)

Becoming | No review I could write would come close to describing how amazing this book is. I have been a long-time admirer of Michelle Obama and her book simply blew me away. She details her upbringing, her education, meeting Barack and starting their family. She details their transition into political life and shares her feelings along the way. Michelle is a beautiful person and a great writer. This book left me with chills and a few tears. I cannot recommend it enough!
(5 stars, easily)

The Seven Husbands of …

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