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Recent Reads | November - January

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine | This book gave me so many feels. Eleanor has developed a routine to simply survive every day life. No one has ever told her that life could be anything other than just fine. She has lived in and out of foster care and has never had nurturing relationships. As an adult she has little to no social skills. After a new co-worker befriends Eleanor, they have a chance encounter with a stranger and end up saving his life - creating a bond between the three of them. A bond that rescues themselves from the isolation they have each been living. At times I could relate to their struggles and at times I felt immense love and empathy. My biggest takeaway from this book is that opening up your mind and heart to others can change you for the better.
(4.75 stars)

Shopaholic To The Stars| I've mentioned before that I love Sophie Kinsella and have been reading her books since I was in college. It was fun to dive back into Becky's crazy world and revisit some …

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