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Recent Reads | September 2018

Surprise Me | In college I got hooked on Sophie Kinsella books, especially the Shopaholic Series (I read them all!). This book was a fun and quick read. A little cheesy and over-the-top, but in true Sophie Kinsella fashion the characters are quirky, full of wild imagination and endearing.
(4 stars)

It Ends With Us | I could not put this book down, I was hooked from the first few pages! You can see the stage being set throughout the first few chapters and it's almost as if you're waiting for the other shoe to drop, but don't know when it's going to happen so you never put the book down. It's very heavy and emotional and I feel as though I can't go into any further detail here because I'd risk giving too much away. I read so many reviews on Goodreads (after finishing the book) that stated you need to dive into this book without fully understanding what it's about, and after finishing it - I completely agree with that statement.
(4.5 stars)

An American Marriag…

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